Maker - no more makefiles!

Maker wants to make the compiling of C++ (and C...) source-code as pain-free as it is with java.
Maker determines the dependencies correctly, at least as long as it isn't expected to precompile the source.
Maker needs only the name of the main source-file and a list of all header-files in the project. From this the include path, the dependencies and a makescript is built.
Of course maker cannot completely substitute makefiles. Not 100% at least. But in many projects the makefile will end up as a shell script calling maker to get the real work done.
As a bonus Maker can generate nice dot collabration diagrams, that helps you determine what impact a change might have on the entire project. See this example graph.

Ugly web

I know this web is ugly, but it will get the job done.


Get source documentation for the latest stable release here.
Get general documentation here (also latest release): PostScript (.ps) or Portable document format (.pdf).


All unixes

Version/download Comment
Version 1.1 (stable) Improved dot output.
Version 1.0 (stable) No known errors. Used daily at Instadia.

Contact information

Contact me, Philip Bergen, for any comments or questions at


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